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My SEO $en$e Provides FREE SEO Ready Website Templates for Local Businesses and Residents of Pensacola, Escambia County, FL and the Surrounding Area

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Simple Website Designs Made to Get the Point Across! Each Page Becomes a Landing Page Targeted to Specific Keywords that Get You Higher Rankings on Google, Yahoo, & Bing!

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Our Research Techniques Include the Finding of Natural Language Keywords and Niche Keywords Frequently Used by Potential Customers & Often Overlooked by the Competition!

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Website Content  Designed with the Correct Keywords Targeted to Get Your Website Higher Ranking Results on Major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, & Bing!

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What is Your Website Supossed to do for You? We Answer Important Questions & Prepare a Plan with Specific Goals Designed to Insure the Success of Your Website!

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Quality Web Design, Efficient Keyword Research, and Targeted SEO Content Always gets Results!

It is a Proven FACT: When you combine efficient keyword research with content using targeted keywords, you get favorable positioning on Google and Bing! search requests. Once a potential customer reaches Your Site, it is the design of that site that allows for a pleasurable visitor experience. Whether you are trying to sell a product, gather leads, provide instant gratification, or promote a favorable corporate image, you will find greater success when you take the time to plan ahead and include these 3 basic web design concepts. 

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Fashion Boutique - Nice simple layout for a small Fashion Boutique. The main objective for this site can be couponing, e-zine, or online sales.


Car & Truck Repair Shop - Designed as a local informative website with lead gathering, schedule appointments, & coupons.